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"We proudly support Jasmine for Port and hope you do, too!"





Supported by: The Nisqually Tribe*

Elected Officials

  • Sen. Sam Hunt, 22nd LD
  • Rep. Jessica Bateman, 22nd LD
  • Rep. Beth Doglio, 22nd LD
  • Rep. Cindy Ryu, 32nd LD
  • Laurie Dolan, Fmr. WA State Representative
  • Lisa Brown, Fmr. WA State Commerce Director and Senator
  • Tye Menser, Thurston County Commissioner 
  • Kristin Ang, Port of Tacoma Commissioner
  • TJ Johnson, Thurston Conservation District Commissioner
  • Helen Wheatley, Thurston Conservation District Commissioner
  • Sandra Romero, Fmr. Thurston County Commissioner and Fmr. State Representative
  • Karen Valenzuela, Fmr. Thurston County Commissioner and Fmr. Tumwater City Council
  • Stephanie Bowman, Fmr. Port of Seattle Commissioner
  • EJ Zita, Fmr. Port of Olympia Commissioner
  • Dontae Payne, Olympia City Council, Candidate for Mayor
  • Dani Madrone, Olympia City Council
  • Lisa Parshley, Olympia City Council
  • Jim Cooper, Olympia City Council
  • Stephen Buxbaum, Fmr. Olympia Mayor
  • Karen Messmer, Fmr. Olympia City Council
  • Debbie Sullivan, Tumwater Mayor
  • Pete Kmet, Fmr. Tumwater Mayor
  • Joan Cathey, Tumwater City Council
  • Tom Oliva, Fmr. Tumwater City Council
  • Leatta Dahlhoff, Tumwater City Council
  • Michael Althauser, Tumwater City Council
  • Wayne Fournier, Tenino Mayor
  • Ashley Lee Brooks, Yelm City Council
  • Robin Vazquez, Lacey City Council
  • Carolyn Cox, Lacey City Council
  • Malcolm Miller, Lacey City Council
  • Darcy Huffman, President, Olympia School Board
  • Hilary Seidel, Vice President, Olympia School Board
  • Scott Clifthorne, Olympia School District
  • Maria Flores, Olympia School District

Community Members

  • Patrick Dunn, Fmr. Director, Washington State Department of Community Development
  • Glen Anderson
  • Paul Berendt, Fmr. Chair, Washington State Democrats
  • Mary Ellen Biggerstaff
  • Madeline Bishop
  • Glenn Blackmon
  • Linda Blustein
  • Jim Byrne
  • Marla Byrne
  • Joel Carlson
  • Jon Ceazan
  • Lisa Ceazan
  • Bill Clarke
  • Sarah Clifthorne
  • Toni Dewees
  • Chas Dreyfus 
  • Catherine (Kay) Foster
  • Russ Fox
  • Michelle Gladstone-Wade
  • Cindy Guertin-Anderson
  • Kirk Haffner
  • Joel Hansen
  • Betty Hauser
  • Susan Herring
  • Clayton Hill
  • Danielle Hull
  • Paul Knox
  • Barbara LaForge
  • Ray LaForge 
  • Barbara Lantz
  • Becky Liebman
  • Tyra Lindquist
  • Yona Makowski
  • Erin McConnell 
  • Catherine McCoy
  • Carol McKinley
  • Rick McKinnin
  • Lea Mitchell
  • Peter Moulton
  • Mary Nelson
  • Sue Patnude
  • Cori Pembleton
  • Stephanie Reinauer 
  • Doug Riddels
  • Rob Richards
  • Genevieve Rollins
  • Martin Rollins
  • Tim Tharpe 
  • Melissa Thoemke
  • Harriet Strasberg
  • Mark Vasconi 
  • Debra Walter
  • Danielle Westbrook
  • Gordon Wheat
  • Stephen Wilson
  • Tony Wilson
  • Danielle Zola
  • Glen Anderson

Endorsement Statements

"We have been waiting for someone like Jasmine. Someone who does her research, is a voice of reason, has a vision. Vote for Jasmine!" - Barbara LaForge

"Jasmine will bring expertise, integrity, and energy to the Port of Olympia. I enthusiastically endorse her!" - Lisa Brown, former Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce

“Jasmine will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to the Port of Olympia. She is strategic and has a bundle of energy that gets results. Her knowledge of state and federal economic funding opportunities as well as her policy expertise will be a significant benefit to our community. Join me in voting for Jasmine for Port!” - Representative Beth Doglio

"I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine during the 2022 legislative session. Jasmine, representing the Department of Commerce, was exemplary in helping me and the assessors craft the bill language and work it through the session. Governor Inslee signed the bill on March 31, 2022. Jasmine would bring the same expertise and knowledge of government to the role of port commissioner." - Former Representative Laurie Dolan

"With our Port Commission expanding, we need new leadership with the smarts, experience and energetic vision to take the Port beyond its current state of affairs. Jasmine brings all that with her knowledge and experienced commitment to sustainable community and economic development!" - Paul Knox, Community Icon

“I had a chance to work with Jasmine for years both as a non-partisan staff and at Commerce. I respected Jasmine's intelligence, honesty, and ability to get things done and I very much look forward to working with her in another capacity, as an elected Port Commissioner!” - Representative Cindy Ryu

"Jasmine is a wonderfully brilliant leader dedicated to public service!" - Michelle Gladstone-Wade

"I've worked with Jasmine for many years and am excited to have her working on our behalf at the port." - Glenn Blackmon

"Jasmine Vasavada's commitment to SUSTAINABLY move forward with port and economic development means a lot to me. We need champions for growing the port for the good." - Tyra Lindquist


*The Nisqually Tribe does not officially endorse candidates. They do, however, support candidates. I am proud to have their support!



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